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Did another person cause the death of your loved one?

When a Texas family loses a loved one unexpectedly, it can be devastating. If you lost a family member in an accident caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you may have grounds to move forward with a civil claim. While this cannot reverse what happened to you, it can help you recoup certain losses.

What damages could you seek compensation for after a car crash?

After a car accident, you may experience a variety of complications. Your serious injuries may cause you to feel immense pain, need medical treatment for some time and cost you hard-earned income due to the cost of treatment. Additionally, you may also suffer other financial challenges due to the damage caused to your vehicle and time away from work.

You can't always 'see' a driving distraction

Part of being a good driver means you are alert and cautious behind the wheel. As a good driver, you also pay close attention to your surroundings, whether you happen to be navigating a busy Texas highway or a parking lot. It's always wise to have some idea of what other motorists or pedestrians in your vicinity are doing. Do you think you can recognize a distracted driver when you see one?

Are you suffering the consequences of an auto defect?

Auto manufacturers must provide their products to the market free of unexpected defects or dangers. Automobiles that do not meet the ordinary expectations of consumers may lead to product liability lawsuits. The party you may hold responsible depends on various factors.

Is there a secret liability settlement affecting your car?

If you drive, there is a nearly 100 percent chance that you’ve received a recall notice in the mail. It’s a pain, but it usually doesn’t cost you anything but time and you feel better knowing the company that made your car is looking out for you. Or you would feel pretty good until you learned about how frequently product liability lawsuits are kept secret.

Focusing on restitution when another's distraction proves harmful

While there are a multitude of scenarios in which a serious car accident could occur, some tend to be more prevalent than others. Although you probably wish to avoid such an incident at all costs, if you encounter a distracted driver, you could find it difficult, if not impossible, to react in time to avoid collision.

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