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Toxic exposure risks faced by oil rig workers

A Texas oil field is a tremendously dangerous place to work, and if you make your living in this type of environment, you may have firsthand knowledge of the occupational hazards associated with your profession. While hazardous working conditions are part of the job, your employer has a duty to mitigate your on-the-job risks as much as possible, and this includes reducing your risk of toxic exposure. At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz, we understand that toxic exposure can lead to serious chronic health issues, and we have helped many workers who suffered injury or illness because of dangerous work environments pursue appropriate recourse.

Long hours can negatively affect your work and personal life

The oil industry makes up a large part of the workforce in Texas. As we at the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz are aware, oil workers are on the job for long hours – often putting in much more time than the traditional 40-hour week. You may enjoy the overtime pay, but there can be negative consequences to working too much for a long period of time, as well.

Oil well operator acknowledges negligence, shifts blame for fire

Texas workers injured in oil field accidents, as well as their families, have the right to seek damages from the liable party. However, sometimes it falls to the court to determine who is liable for the accident. Such is the case in a lawsuit against the operator of an oil field near Quinton, Oklahoma regarding a fire that killed five men in January. While acknowledging that negligence contributed to the fire and the deaths that resulted from it, the operator claims that the fault lies with the subcontractors in charge of the site's operations. 

How much risk of mesothelomia do oil refinery workers face?

As a Texas oil refinery worker, no one need tell you that the oil and gas industry is big business in our state. What may shock you to learn, however, is that, as reported by the Mesothelioma Veterans Organization, you face a grave danger of developing mesothelioma, an incurable cancer, due to the asbestos particles you likely inhale on a daily basis

How dangerous is the oil and gas industry?

The short answer to the above question is “very,” whether you work in Texas’ oil and gas industry or anywhere else across the nation. In fact, as reported by E&E News, the rate of severe injuries in the upstream oil and gas industry is one of the highest in the country. Depending on the way in which different agencies collect data and whose figures you believe, oil and gas is the industry most likely to see its workers suffer such injuries and/or die from them.

Top 4 chemical hazards oil and gas workers face

At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz in California, we know the many dangers and hazards you face as an oil and gas worker. In addition to the ever-present dangers of fires, explosions and blowouts, you likewise face exposure to a variety of chemicals on a daily basis.

Understanding oil rig blowouts

No one need tell Texas oil rig workers that they face danger on a daily basis. They also are at high risk of catastrophic injuries if an oil rig accident occurs. While major disasters do not occur nearly as often in today’s oil fields as they did “back in the day,” such things as oil rig blowouts still happen fairly frequently. The State of Texas reports that 21 blowouts occurred in 2016, 14 in 2017, and two in January of 2018.

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