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Do long trucker commutes endanger motorists?

Today’s commercial trucks pose obvious threats to other motorists because of their sheer size and weight, but they can prove even more dangerous and potentially deadly when Texas truck drivers are tired, intoxicated or otherwise ill-equipped to drive. These days, safety advocates are becoming increasingly concerned with another part of many truckers’ lives that may be affecting their performance: long commutes.

Large truck crash fatalities in Texas

Everyone in Texas knows that semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are essential for transporting goods that individuals and businesses need. However, when these big rigs share the road with regular passenger vehicles, they can pose a great danger to others if an when wrecks happen due to their massive weight and size. Statistics that track the number of deaths in these events show that this danger is all too real. 

How common is substance abuse among truckers?

Driving in Texas is an inherently risky activity, but sharing the road with other drivers who have been abusing drugs or alcohol can make it even more of a dangerous act. When those drivers who have been abusing substances are also sitting behind the wheel of a massive semi-truck, the repercussions can prove downright deadly.

How dangerous are distracted truckers?

No one need tell you that if your passenger vehicle collides with a tractor-trailer on a Texas road or highway, you and your passengers face the highest risk of receiving serious, possibly catastrophic, injuries. This is what makes distracted truck drivers such a danger on the road.

The value of underride guards

Getting stuck behind a huge 18-wheeler is no fun. While waiting for an opportunity to pass it, however, Texas motorists may want to look at the extra metal “bumper” hanging down from the trailer’s rear. As CNN reports, that is the rear underride guard that federal law mandates all trailers must have so as to protect the drivers and passengers of passenger vehicles in the event of an accident.

What you should know about drowsy truckers on the road

In Texas and across the nation, Americans rely on large trucks to deliver essential goods. It is crucial that there are quality, well-trained truck drivers on the road to maneuver these giant vehicles through traffic and ensure you and everyone is kept safe on the road. Large trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and may pose a serious danger to other vehicles and people if they are not handled correctly. In an attempt to minimize the number of people who are killed and injured in large truck accidents across the country, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration posed regulations on how long a trucker can stay behind the wheel before taking a rest or break.

The dangers of jackknifing trucks

At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz in Texas, we know how irritated you often feel when stuck behind an 18-wheeler on our roads and freeways. Your irritation can quickly turn into fear, however, if one of these behemoths jackknifes right in front of you. This could result in you and your passengers receiving serious injuries if you cannot stop in time and therefore crash into it.

What are the common reasons for semi rollovers?

In such a big state as Texas, large 18-wheelers are a common sight on city streets and freeways. You know that the trucking industry is important throughout the United States, but you are also aware of the numerous dangers that large trucks can present when you share the roads with them.

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