Standing Up For Injured Construction Workers

Construction work is one of the more dangerous occupations. There are many reasons for this ranging from the use of heavy equipment to the fact that any mistake by one worker could put anyone else on the jobsite in danger.

In Texas, unlike several other states, employers can choose whether or not to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This means that for injured workers the only way to secure compensation for on-the-job injuries is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Our firm offers its experienced and skilled assistance to workers who have been injured in all types of construction site accidents, including:

  • Falls
  • Being hit by falling debris
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Trench collapses
  • Power tool accidents
  • Explosions/fires
  • Electrocution

Falls And Injuries From Falling Debris, Materials And Tools

One of the most common types of accident suffered by construction workers is accidents involving either falling from a ladder, scaffolding or other high place, or being hit by falling debris, materials or tools. Even with OSHA-mandates regarding the use of safety harnesses, falls and dropped items cause the greatest number of injuries.

More Than 20 Years Of Personal Injury Experience

At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz, our firm is here to help injured construction workers and their families secure the full compensation they need to help them through the tough times they are facing. We know how to fight for the maximum money compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other types of losses so that you have the financial resources you need to be able to reclaim the life you had before your accident.

Construction Accident Attorney Serving San Antonio And South Texas

After a construction accident has injured you or someone you care about, turn to the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, call 210-951-2244 or contact us online.

No attorney’s fees are collected unless we secure a recovery for you.

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