Ridesharing Is Not Always Safe

There has been a massive boom in the use of rideshare services, and they have been a great benefit to those who use them. By having a ride at the tip of your fingers, you can save yourself a lot of worry about getting to your destination. Although they can be very helpful, rideshare drivers are just like anyone else, meaning they are vulnerable to the same accidents as you.

Whether you were the passenger of a rideshare driver, or if you were struck by a rideshare driver, the rideshare company may be liable. When a rideshare driver injures you due to negligence, it can be hard to determine who is liable. We can help you get the best possible compensation for your injury and seek it from either the driver or the rideshare company.

Who To Pursue Your Recovery From

When your rideshare driver injures you in an auto accident, it is not always obvious who is responsible for your compensation. Although the driver might be largely responsible for the accident, the rideshare company could be the one who needs to accept responsibility for your injuries. When we represent you, we will use skill and knowledge to fight to make sure you get the best compensation.

Protect Your Recovery With An Experienced Lawyer

The period following an accident is crucial for your recovery from an accident. Between piling bills and loss of income, the funds from a compensation can keep your family afloat in troubled waters. A good Texas attorney knows how to fight to get you the benefits you deserve from the reckless behavior of another person. If you or a loved one received injuries in a rideshare accident, either as a passenger or another driver, do not wait to begin securing your compensation.

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