Working in the oil field in Texas can be a steady and nice paying gig, but it is also a very dangerous job. While records of injuries are not well kept in the industry, it is known that the number of deaths due to on-the-job accidents in the oil field is incredibly high. In fact, The Center for Public Integrity notes that the number of deaths in the oil industry is five times more than any other industry. So, what makes this industry so dangerous?

Some of the risk comes naturally from working with oil, which is highly flammable by nature. You cannot remove all the risk of the job because it is impossible. A simple mistake or even something unforeseen could take many lives all at once without warning.

Another issue is the reporting. Many companies do not follow protocol to report accidents or issues, so nobody can keep a watch on the industry in the way that should happen to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Along this same thread are companies not following all the proper safety protocols. Ignoring the use of proper safety gear or following proper procedures are things that may fall by the wayside in the oil field in favor of saving time and hassle.

Another issue is the industry is seeing great growth right now. This means oil fields are busier. The busier it is, the more chances for mistakes and accidents. The machinery used is dangerous, and when there are too many people around the worksite, it can lead to serious accidents involving this machinery.

There are many factors that build to make the oil field a very dangerous place, but many still risk it all for a job in this lucrative industry. This information is for education and is not legal advice.