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Are poor road conditions to blame for many truck accidents?

As you drive around parts of Texas, you may have noticed that road conditions in some areas are not good. When a road is in bad shape, it makes it difficult to drive safely, and it can increase the chance of a car accident. There are some who believe that commercial trucks and semitrailers are to blame for some poor road conditions in certain parts of the state. 

In many smaller towns and cities, economic growth and increased traffic has had a significant toll on the infrastructure. In some places, the increase in the number of large trucks hauling heavy loads has increased to the point where roads are now crumbling, the shoulders are eroding and there is development of dangerous potholes. These conditions comprise the safety of local residents and drivers.

Who is to blame?

Many of the roads in smaller towns and cities throughout Texas were never meant to hold the weight of large and heavy trucks. While growing economies and more job opportunities for communities is great, it can also come at a price. There are some who point at commercial trucking companies as the source of the problem. 

One potential solution to the problem is to give the communities struggling with this issue the power to cite truckers who break the rules. Citing trucks is typically something that falls under the authority of the Texas Department of Public Safety. However, lawmakers are considering measures that would give specific municipalities the right to do this. 

What will citations accomplish? 

You may think that local governments should have the right to ticket commercial trucks that break the rules, speed and violate regulations. There are others who have concerns that this could allow local governments to turn their towns into speed traps. 

Reasons to pull over and cite a commercial truck may include things like speeding, driving on roads with strict weight limits, overloaded cargo areas, driving in an unsafe manner and more. To do this properly, there will need to be more manpower and increased training for local law enforcement officers.

Did road conditions cause your accident?

Did dangerous road conditions in Texas play a role in an accident that left you or a loved one injured? Your accident may not be your fault, and you do have to suffer alone. You could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim, as Texas law allows victims of negligence to seek appropriate compensation from liable parties. You may find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney about your specific case and options.

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