In many parts of the U.S., seasonal allergies are right around the corner. Those who are adversely affected by pollen may dread this time of the year, and their symptoms may flare up in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, allergies can do more than just cause a sufferer to struggle with a runny nose and itchy eyes. In fact, seasonal allergies can even increase the chances of a car crash, for multiple reasons. Whether you have allergies or another driver is struggling with this condition, it is important to be aware of these risks during the springtime.

Someone who suffers from seasonal allergies may have debilitating headaches, which could affect their driving abilities. Moreover, they may be deprived of sleep because their symptoms keep them up at night. Furthermore, many people who suffer from seasonal allergies take medications that could cause them to become drowsy, and this is especially dangerous if they get behind the wheel. Sneezing, reaching for tissues and taking one’s hands off of the wheel to rub the eyes can also be very distracting.

Allergies can increase the frequency of distracted, drowsy and fatigued driving, and you should be mindful of all of these risk factors if you have seasonal allergies. Moreover, if you are struck by someone who may have been suffering from allergies, this is a critical factor to explore if you decide to move forward with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents will occur in the coming months as a result of seasonal allergies.