One of the most devastating injuries you can suffer at work is a hand injury. An injury to your hand can change the course of your life, especially if it involves the loss of fingers or more. Some reports show that over 100,000 workers suffer hand injuries each year that result in lost wages. If you work in an oil field, construction or other industries that involve machinery or heavy equipment, you may be especially susceptible to hand injuries.

Your most powerful protections against hand injuries are protective gloves, thorough training and careful attention to the task in front of you. It may take only a split second for a hand injury to occur that can leave you with pain and suffering as well as questions about your future.

Hand hazards

A workplace accident that places your hands in jeopardy can happen at any time, but you may be more at risk when you maintain, repair or work around machinery with moving parts. You may be fortunate to escape an accident with a bruise or cut, but more serious injuries include deep cuts, broken bones, crushing damage and amputation. These serious injuries often occur at the pinch points, meaning the place where a moving part contacts another surface of the machine. Other factors that place your hands at risk include:

  • Power tools
  • Chemicals
  • Electrical equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Heavy machinery
  • Extreme temperatures

The most appropriate personal protective equipment is essential. One pair of gloves may not suffice if your work exposes you to a variety of the hazards listed above. In fact, if you move frequently from one hazard to another, it may be necessary to wear more than one pair of gloves at a time. Your employer should provide appropriate training for the use of PPE.

In case of an accident

If you do suffer a hand injury on the job, you will want to be sure to obtain the best medical care, rehabilitation and opportunity to return to work quickly, if at all possible. Workers’ compensation can assist you with the expenses related to your accident, including lost pay.

Whether you were not using your PPE at the time of your accident or your employer neglected to provide you with the protection you needed, you may benefit from legal counsel. Your attorney can work with you in fighting for the full amount you deserve and in seeking compensation from every possible source.