Driving alongside other motorists may be hazardous. While you may be driving properly and following the rules of the road, other motorists may not be as careful. This puts your life and the life of others at risk as you attempt to navigate around these hazardous drivers. According to AAA, more than 80 percent of motorists admit to experiencing road rage while driving. Furthermore, aggressive driving was involved in more than 56 percent of all fatal car accidents during a five-year period, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatal Accident Report System. When you are able to identify the signs of an aggressive driver, you may be better able to avoid becoming involved in one of these catastrophic accidents.

When looking for aggressive drivers, beware of the following signs:

  •          Following too closely or tailgating
  •          Speeding
  •          Erratic or improper lane changing
  •          Passing illegally in the median or on the shoulder of the road
  •          Failure to yield to right of way
  •          Turning in front of others

People who have road rage often fail to adhere to traffic signals, pedestrian crosswalks and stop signs. They may fail to signal, run red lights and speed through stop signs. Road ragers may race with other vehicles and operate their car in other negligent and reckless manners. People with road rage may use obscene hand gestures or yell profanities to other drivers, and in some cases, may use physical violence. It is important to avoid engaging with these drivers and to contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.