Texas is big state with millions of drivers sharing the road at the same time. It is the responsibility of each person to make safe choices and drive safely, like choosing to put their phones down while driving. Unfortunately, many people are negligent and reckless while behind the wheel, and distracted driving continues to be a major safety issue in the state. 

From texting to using social media to checking emails, there are countless ways that a phone can distract a person while driving. Despite efforts from various groups and authorities, distraction is causing severe and even fatal accidents across the state. Phone use has only increased over the last few years, thereby increasing the rate of distracted drivers along with it.

Understanding a serious problem

When you think of distracted driving, you likely think that phone use is to blame. While phones carry most of the blame for unfocused drivers, there are many other things that can take a drivers attention while operating a vehicle. This includes eating and driving, adjusting the radio, using a GPS and more. Consider the following facts about the issue of distracted driving:

  • A recent survey by The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety polled 2,600 drivers. Half of these admitted to talking on the phone recently while driving, and around one-third admitted to texting or emailing while driving.
  • A study done by DriversEd.com found that as many as eight percent of drivers admit to watching streaming videos while driving.
  • Many drivers admit they cannot drive longer than 30 minutes at a time without checking their phone.
  • Around 20 percent of drivers believe they can safely multitask, meaning text and drive at the same time safely.

Everywhere in Texas, drivers who are fully aware of the risks and dangers of driving while distracted still choose to do so. Sadly, the result is often an accident that causes serious injuries or death to innocent passengers and motorists.

Protecting the rights of victims

When a distracted driver causes harm to another person, the victim has the right to seek recovery. Through a civil claim, it may be possible to recoup financial losses and hold the liable party accountable for his or her negligent actions.

There is no excuse for distracted driving, and victims do not have to navigate the aftermath alone. If you think you may have a case, it can be beneficial to first reach out for help from an experienced Texas personal injury attorney.