Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it’s only the beginning of the hectic holiday traffic season. As we at the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz are aware, it’s also a dangerous time of year for drivers in Texas and elsewhere. You may want to be aware of the hazards you might face while doing your holiday shopping or driving to visit family and friends.

The American Safety Council explains that Christmas and New Year’s Day are among the most dangerous days of the year for motor vehicle crashes. As you might expect, drunk drivers abound during holiday festivities, but they are far from the only hazard you might face. While Christmas shopping or trying to wrap up their work before going on vacation, drivers are likely to be distracted and stressed out. You could be injured by a driver who is checking off a shopping list or texting on his or her phone, or you might run afoul of an impatient, harried driver who snaps out of anger. People are also sleep-deprived during the holiday season, increasing your risk of being involved in a drowsy driving crash, especially if you are taking a long-distance road trip.

You might reduce your risks of being in a collision by driving courteously, getting enough sleep before a trip, not using your phone while driving and, of course, never getting behind the wheel after drinking. However, you can’t prevent the actions of other drivers. As our page on motor vehicle collisions explains, you may wish to seek compensation if a negligent driver caused your injuries.