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Do long trucker commutes endanger motorists?

Today’s commercial trucks pose obvious threats to other motorists because of their sheer size and weight, but they can prove even more dangerous and potentially deadly when Texas truck drivers are tired, intoxicated or otherwise ill-equipped to drive. These days, safety advocates are becoming increasingly concerned with another part of many truckers’ lives that may be affecting their performance: long commutes.

Large truck crash fatalities in Texas

Everyone in Texas knows that semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are essential for transporting goods that individuals and businesses need. However, when these big rigs share the road with regular passenger vehicles, they can pose a great danger to others if an when wrecks happen due to their massive weight and size. Statistics that track the number of deaths in these events show that this danger is all too real. 

Oil well operator acknowledges negligence, shifts blame for fire

Texas workers injured in oil field accidents, as well as their families, have the right to seek damages from the liable party. However, sometimes it falls to the court to determine who is liable for the accident. Such is the case in a lawsuit against the operator of an oil field near Quinton, Oklahoma regarding a fire that killed five men in January. While acknowledging that negligence contributed to the fire and the deaths that resulted from it, the operator claims that the fault lies with the subcontractors in charge of the site's operations. 

A tibial fracture can mean a long recovery

Perhaps you had a clumsy childhood and ended up with your arm in a cast. Maybe you played sports in high school and suffered your share of breaks and sprains. The pain and frustration of those injuries may not compare to what you are suffering following the workplace or motor vehicle accident that left you with a tibial fracture.

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