Driving in Texas is an inherently risky activity, but sharing the road with other drivers who have been abusing drugs or alcohol can make it even more of a dangerous act. When those drivers who have been abusing substances are also sitting behind the wheel of a massive semi-truck, the repercussions can prove downright deadly.

According to the American Addiction Centers, today’s commercial truck drivers are abusing drugs and alcohol on the job at alarming rates. While it is no secret that abusing substances before getting behind the wheel can have a significant impact on driving ability, many long-haul truck drivers do exactly that, whether to fight boredom, attempt to cover more miles or what have you.

The problem is so widespread within the commercial trucking industry, in fact, that in a series of 36 studies conducted between 2000 and 2013, about 90 percent of truckers admitted to drinking alcohol while on the job. Amphetamines, too, are a common choice among substance-abusing truck drivers, with more than 82 percent of semi-truck drivers involved in the studies acknowledging they had used amphetamines, such as methamphetamine, while working.

While truckers may turn to amphetamines and other drugs to help them stay awake and alert on the road, these drugs can lead to feelings of “invincibility,” which in turn can cause them to take unnecessary risks. Furthermore, abusing such drugs can cause truck drivers to “come down” later on, leaving them even more tired and at risk of a crash. When truckers use drugs and alcohol while sitting at the wheel, they endanger you and everyone else on the road.

This information about the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse among semi-truck drivers is informational in nature and does not constitute legal advice.