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What dangers do you face driving through road construction?

Though it is difficult to avoid road construction when making your way across Texas by car, you may want to work harder to find alternative routes, given just how often work zones are a factor in car crashes. Furthermore, the number of car crashes where work zones are a factor is on the rise across the nation, with many construction zone crashes leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

Hydrofracking and exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust

Its workers have always known that working in the oil and gas industry comes with numerous potential dangers. Explosions, falls and other injuries already draw the attention of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and its Texas counterpart, and that was when it was just about oil drilling and laying natural gas pipelines.

How common is substance abuse among truckers?

Driving in Texas is an inherently risky activity, but sharing the road with other drivers who have been abusing drugs or alcohol can make it even more of a dangerous act. When those drivers who have been abusing substances are also sitting behind the wheel of a massive semi-truck, the repercussions can prove downright deadly.

What is a whiplash injury?

If you hurt your neck or back in a Texas car crash, particular one in which another vehicle rear-ends yours, you likely will receive a whiplash injury. As explains, a whiplash injury occurs when the crash impact causes your head and neck to jerk back and forth, thereby injuring their tissues and nerves.

Oil and gas extraction among the most dangerous work

It is probably no surprise to you that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention places the oil and gas industry among the most dangerous in the country. Your work on a Texas oilfield or in other capacities has likely exposed you to risks and hazards you never imagined. Perhaps you have suffered the grief of losing friends and co-workers to deadly accidents.

Eating while driving: is it dangerous?

We are a society on the go. Frequently, many Texas drivers grab a bagel, a doughnut or a cup of coffee to eat or drink as they drive their vehicles through San Antonio's busy thoroughfares. But as points out, you might be dramatically increasing your chances of getting into a vehicular collision and do not even know it. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that you increase your odds of getting into a car crash by 80 percent if you eat on the road.

How might a neighbor’s attractive nuisance harm your child?

You might have taught your children about the importance of not trespassing on another person’s property. However, that doesn’t mean your child won’t let curiosity get the better of him or her, especially when peer pressure and boredom set in. Attractive nuisance laws in Texas take into account the fact that children don’t always follow the rules regarding trespassing.

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