You’ve likely witnessed it more than once. A driver is navigating a Texas roadway while using his or her thumbs to type on a cell phone at the same time. If you’re unfortunate enough to be nearby in traffic at the time, you are at great risk for injury because motorists who text and drive often cause collisions. There is no safe way to text while driving, which is why many states have made it illegal.  

This is not the only type of driving distraction that places you at risk for injury, however. In fact, there are many, and most fall under one of three categories: manual, visual or cognitive. If you’re lucky, you might be able to safely and swiftly distance yourself from a possible distracted driver by pulling off the road or dropping back in traffic. That’s not always possible though, so it’s wise to research state laws about how to recover your losses if you suffer injury in a distracted driving accident.  

Manual distractions 

Many people mistakenly believe that certain manual actions are harmless while driving, such as taking a sip of coffee, changing the station on the car radio or clicking the start button to activate a GPS device. However, these are all examples of driving behaviors that often lead to serious car accidents. Smoking or reaching into a purse or behind your driver’s seat are other dangerous manual distractions.  

Visual distractions 

Have you ever been stuck in traffic for what feels like an eternity only to find out that the “plug” causing the backup is nothing more than drivers craning their necks to look at a construction site or aftermath of a collision on the side of the road? Such drivers are visually distracted and are dangerous to those around them.  

Cognitive distractions 

In many fatal accidents in Texas and other states, drivers who survive later admit to losing themselves thought at the moment of impact. Interacting with passengers in your vehicle or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol also cause cognitive distractions that can lead to disaster.  

Support in the aftermath

While you might be able to recognize signs of possible drunk driving, it is nearly impossible to tell if a nearby motorist is daydreaming. Sudden collision can cause you to suffer serious injuries. Such situations also often lead to financial problems, especially if you need specialized care or your injuries necessitate surgery. Many accident victims seek recovery for their losses by pursuing legal accountability against those deemed responsible for their injuries.