When you work on an oil field in Texas, you can easily encounter many hazardous substances, such as mercury. If you are exposed to this material for too long, you may realize that you have incurred mercury poisoning.

You may experience mercury poisoning if this substance is part of your work environment. According to Medical News Today, air can be toxic when mercury is a byproduct of oil production. While you may think that any exposure to mercury is enough to cause poisoning, this is not necessarily the case. Many people are fine if they are exposed to a small amount of this material. If you are regularly around large amounts of mercury, it is more likely that you might experience poisoning.

Mercury poisoning has many symptoms and it is important to see a doctor if you realize you are showing signs of toxic exposure. You may feel weak or have trouble feeling your face and hands. Parts of your body might also feel numb. Sometimes your motor skills may be affected and you might find it challenging to walk in a straight line. Additionally, you may feel nauseated or have a metallic taste on your tongue. You typically might experience more symptoms the longer you are exposed to mercury.

While you may like the thought of a cure, there typically is not an easy solution for mercury poisoning. Most people need to end their exposure to this substance. Sometimes you may be able to use medication to help with this toxic exposure and any side effects you might have developed. 

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