As any driver knows, there are many ways to get into motor vehicle accidents, making car crashes one of the biggest hazards facing people today. Whether the risk is getting hurt by a drunk driver, someone texting and driving, an aggressive driver or a person who loses control and engages in road rage, drivers have a lot to watch out for. Drowsy driving is another concern for residents of Texas and elsewhere.

The National Safety Council sets aside the month of June for public awareness on various safety topics, with a different focus each week. The fourth week in June focuses on driving safety. Most drivers are aware they should not look at a mobile device while behind the wheel, even if they do so anyway. Most also know they should not drive while intoxicated and to obey traffic rules and be courteous to others. Drowsy driving also poses a significant risk, but many drivers are unaware of the scope of this risk.

The National Sleep Foundation states that 100,000 crashes throughout the United States every year are attributed to some form of drowsy driving, leading to about 1,550 fatalities and 71,000 injuries. In surveys, 60 percent of people stated they had driven while fatigued at some point in the past year, while 13 percent said it was a regular occurrence for them.

Many Americans are accustomed to being sleep-deprived, whether due to a busy lifestyle, an untreated sleep disorder or taking medication that causes drowsiness or sleep disturbances. It is important for drivers to address a chronic sleep issue if they drive regularly, so they can keep themselves and others safe on the road.