Residents in San Antonio who get into a serious car crash will most likely suffer from severe physical injury. Spinal damage can be the most potentially harmful. These injuries can impact a person for years to come, or even for the rest of their lives.

Mayo Clinic states that there are two primary types of paralysis that can occur because of spine-related injuries. One is known as paraplegia, in which parts or all of the legs, trunk and pelvic organs suffer from paralysis. The other is tetraplegia or quadriplegia, in which all four limbs along with the trunk and pelvic organs have been affected by the injury.

These injuries can also be called complete or incomplete. In a patient with incomplete paralysis, some degree of motor function or sensory function remains intact even after the injury. Complete injuries involve a total loss of movement and feeling.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine states that different therapies exist which can help someone with either complete or incomplete paralysis. However, there is no cure currently for paralysis victims. In many cases, a person will need to turn to mobility aids to help them in their daily lives. This can be a difficult and potentially costly adjustment to make, especially if a person is used to living a very independent lifestyle.

Outside of the medical costs associated with hospital care, treatment options, and ongoing recovery, someone who has been in an accident resulting in paralysis could also potentially lose money from lost wages while they recover. On a whole, it can be a traumatizing and expensive experience. Technology is constantly making improvements, but financial compensation can help make the transition earlier in the meantime.