In such a big state as Texas, large 18-wheelers are a common sight on city streets and freeways. You know that the trucking industry is important throughout the United States, but you are also aware of the numerous dangers that large trucks can present when you share the roads with them.

One of these dangers involves rollover crashes. Any car, pickup truck or SUV can roll, but rollovers can be particularly devastating for large trucks and those who are caught up in these collisions. As you might imagine, your vehicle could be crushed if a semi’s trailer rolled on top of it. Rollovers often involve multiple vehicles as well, in chain-reaction crashes or as other drivers approach the scene and encounter spilled diesel fuel or cargo across the roadway.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration claims that 78 percent of rollovers involving large trucks are attributed to a driver mistake. As you can expect, a truck driver might be speeding or could take a turn too fast, losing control and causing the big rig to tip. Truckers often drive while fatigued, distracted or intoxicated. A driver may have failed to perform maintenance and repairs on the truck’s brakes or tires, or could have loaded the cargo improperly, increasing the chances the truck could roll. However, not all rollover crashes are the driver’s fault. High winds, icy roads, debris or potholes on the freeway or unexpected traffic stops may contribute to unavoidable collisions.

You may be eligible for compensation if a truck driver or trucking company is found responsible for a crash that resulted in your injuries.