At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz in Texas, we know that car crash injuries can be catastrophic. One of the most fearsome injuries you can receive is a traumatic brain injury. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 286,000 people sustain a crash-related TBI each year

If you have never heard of a traumatic brain injury, it is a head injury that results in your brain dysfunctioning in some manner. No two TBIs are the same, and the type, extent and severity of TBI injuries varies from person to person.

TBI symptoms

One of the most frightening aspects of TBIs is that their symptoms may or may not appear right away. That is why you need to receive immediate medical attention if you sustain a head injury in an auto crash, no matter how slight your injury initially appears to be. Only a qualified trauma physician can assess your injury, conduct the proper tests, arrive at a diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment to minimize the effects of your TBI.

Even with a definitive diagnosis, however, you should be on the lookout for such symptoms as the following during the days and weeks after your auto crash:

  • Continuing headaches, nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or balance problems
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Unusual light sensitivity or blurred vision
  • Unusual noise sensitivity or ringing in your ears
  • Difficulty speaking or finding the right word(s)

In addition, many TBI victims experience mood swings and the onset of anxiety or depression. If your family members mention that you are more argumentative than usual and becoming more difficult to get along with, do not react with hostility or ignore their comments. Instead, report these possible TBI symptoms to your physician as soon as possible.

Ongoing TBI costs

If you suffer even a mild TBI, your medical costs can add up quite quickly. If your TBI is more serious, you may need any or all of the following:

  • Surgery
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation services
  • In-home care

In addition, you may be off work for a time, thereby incurring lost wages at precisely the time you need them most. In the most extreme situations, you may become temporarily or permanently disabled.

You should never take a head injury lightly. Get immediate medical assistance and treatment. Traumatic brain injuries are serious and could result in a lifetime of pain and decreased quality of life.

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