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The dehydration threats posed by summer temperatures

Moving into summer brings a whole lot of safety hazards for workers in the oilfields of Texas. While exposure to excessive heat can cause illnesses such as heatstroke, it can also lead to dehydration. Although dehydration, as such, is not an illness, it is a condition that could impair your physical and mental performance.

What are the common reasons for semi rollovers?

In such a big state as Texas, large 18-wheelers are a common sight on city streets and freeways. You know that the trucking industry is important throughout the United States, but you are also aware of the numerous dangers that large trucks can present when you share the roads with them.

Understanding oil rig blowouts

No one need tell Texas oil rig workers that they face danger on a daily basis. They also are at high risk of catastrophic injuries if an oil rig accident occurs. While major disasters do not occur nearly as often in today’s oil fields as they did “back in the day,” such things as oil rig blowouts still happen fairly frequently. The State of Texas reports that 21 blowouts occurred in 2016, 14 in 2017, and two in January of 2018.

Do you know the symptoms of heat illness in the oil field?

Despite modern safety equipment and procedures, some circumstances on the Texas oil fields remain life-threatening. Your employer might not properly provide adequate safety training to prepare workers for the imminent dangers that come along with the change of seasons. Heat exhaustion is a deadly threat and preparedness is crucial.

Understanding burn injuries

With all the oil fields in Texas, fires and explosions are a constant worry. Despite the potentially catastrophic consequences of such workplace injuries, however, the vast majority of burns occur in the home, not the workplace. The American Burn Association reports that of the 3,275 Americans who died from fire and/or smoke inhalation in 2016, 2,745 of the fires that killed them happened at home, 310 happened in a vehicle and only 220 happened somewhere else, including the workplace.

Fire resistant clothing vital in oil field work

Your job as an oil field worker is demanding in many ways. It often requires long hours and brute strength. You may spend days away from home and return exhausted and dirty. However, the money is good, and you are able to provide your family with a comfortable, steady life, which is more than many people can say.

Car crashes and traumatic brain injuries

At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz in Texas, we know that car crash injuries can be catastrophic. One of the most fearsome injuries you can receive is a traumatic brain injury. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 286,000 people sustain a crash-related TBI each year

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