Part of being a good driver means you are alert and cautious behind the wheel. As a good driver, you also pay close attention to your surroundings, whether you happen to be navigating a busy Texas highway or a parking lot. It’s always wise to have some idea of what other motorists or pedestrians in your vicinity are doing. Do you think you can recognize a distracted driver when you see one?

Some driving distractions are indeed immediately apparent; such would be the case if you glanced over to the next lane and witnessed a driver steering with his or her elbows while using thumbs to type on a cell phone. What about all the drivers who cause collisions, however, saying later that they were merely lost in thought and didn’t realize there was another vehicle or person on foot nearby? There would likely be no way to recognize that a person who happens to be daydreaming at the time is distracted.

Beware! Driving distractions come in many forms

There may be distractions inside of a vehicle, as well as anywhere outside. If you know ahead of time what types of items, behaviors and situations pose the greatest risk for distraction, you may be able to avoid them and maintain better focus on the road when you drive. If another driver is distracted and causes a collision that results in your injury, it’s important to know where to turn for help. The following information may be useful:

  • Inside a vehicle, grooming, fiddling with the knobs on an entertainment system, reaching into a tote or pocketbook, smoking and allowing pets to sit with you in the driver’s seat or roam around the car are all major distractions that place you at great risk for collision.
  • In the surrounding areas outside your vehicle, various types of distractions may be present, such as billboards, interesting people or groups of people, roadside construction or sites of automobile crashes often cause drivers to glance away from the road ahead. These types of visual distractions place all motorists and pedestrians nearby at risk for injury.
  • If an accident occurs and you suffer injury, it’s crucial to obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Beyond that, you may need assistance to cope with the aftermath of the situation. A counselor or minister is a good resource to help you handle emotional trauma.

Many recovering accident victims in Texas also reach out for support from experienced personal injury attorneys to seek recovery for their losses in court. Your medical expenses, potential loss of income and other costs associated with your collision may bring undue (and unexpected) financial hardship that you are completely unprepared to meet.

The justice system often helps a crash victim offset such costs when the court rules that driver negligence was a causal factor in a particular collision and awards compensation for damages to the victim.