Wrongful death can result from medical malpractice, but few cases blatantly and consistently point to a doctor or surgeon’s negligence.

Yet, D Magazine published an article that reads like a novel, describing sloppy and negligent surgeries that either left patients disabled or dead. The Dallas surgeon’s name was Dr. Duntsch.

While many of Duntsh’s patients settled with nondisclosure agreements being terms of the settlement, one patient, Lee Passmore, has refused to settle. He seeks justice and wants to prevent others from experiencing similar harm. Despite the fact Passmore never wanted attention from the media, it became obvious that media exposure would be the only way to stop the surgeon from harming other patients.


The space above a disc in Passmore’s upper spine had been blown out in the first surgery Duntsch performed on him. As a result of the second reparative surgery, Passmore discovered that Duntsch severed a ligament in his leg. A screw lodged in a nerve bundle that shot pain through his back. He lost all feeling in the bottom of his feet and has trouble with incontinence. In effect, he became too disabled to perform his previous job.


Out of the first three operations Duntsch performed at Dallas Medical Center, one patient died and another was partially paralyzed. The patient who died suffered from a damaged vertebral artery that resulted in massive bleeding. The patient already suffered from hypertension and was at risk for stroke, and the bleeding led to a massive circulation stroke that killed her. Another surgeon, Randall Kirby, in a letter to the Texas Medical Board wrote that he had direct knowledge of seven patients “Dr. Duntsch has maimed or killed.”


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